ThankView Product Updates: February 2024

2/5/24 Screen Recording Available for 1:1 Video

In addition to webcam and video upload, you're now able to record your screen in your 1:1 Video communication! Record a tab, window, or your entire screen; in tab view you also have the option to share audio or add voiceover. This new feature is great for:

  • Providing trainings or overviews
  • Submitting reviews to team members
  • And so much more!

You can learn more in our article, Screen Recording with 1:1 Video.

2/8/24 New Account Health Levels Added

We've added 2 new levels for a portal: Poor (if spam rate is .25%) and Critical (If spam rate is .3%).

Our process is such that if your account falls into Poor or Critical level, an email will be sent that includes the most recent 5 campaigns that contributed to this score. An email will also be sent to the admins of your portal, as well as your Success Manager on a monthly basis to keep tabs. 

To learn more about Account Health and how to keep your spam rates low, check out our article on Understanding Account Health.

2/13/24 Business Name Added to Portal Headers

We've added your organization's name to header of your portal! This makes it easier to tell which instance you're in, especially if you're a user who moves across multiple portals.

2/22/24 Creator Users Can Select NXT Action Types

Users marked with Creator level permissions are now able to select NXT Action Types inside of a campaign.

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