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    ThankView Product Updates: April 2024

    4/11/24: 1:1 Video Contact Linking

    You can now get a more holistic view of engagement with 1:1 Video Contact Linking! This enhancement allows you to connect your 1:1 videos to contacts in your ThankView portal. By linking a contact to a 1:1 Video, you connect them to the video’s metrics, giving you more comprehensive engagement data. Here’s what else you need to know:

    • Though this feature is optional, you have an option to set it as required for your portal. Useful if you want all recorded 1:1 videos to be linked to a contact.
    • Contacts can be linked individually or via a list!
    • You can view engagement metrics directly in a new contact profile 1:1 Video tab! Downloadable 1:1 Video metrics have also been updated to include contact fields, so you’ll know who is linked to each video.

    To learn more about linking contacts to videos, take a look at our All About: 1:1 Video Contact Linking article!

    4/11/24: Customized Branding for 1:1 Video

    We’ve expanded our customized branding options for 1:1 Video! In addition to uploading your organization’s logo and including a Call-to-Action button, you can now: 

    • Create a branded landing page background for your video. 
    • Create a branded envelope that can be selected as a third thumbnail option.

    These enhancements ensure that your 1:1 Video sends are personalized and tailored to your donors from start to finish. Check out our dedicated help article to learn how to set defaults for these features!

    4/9/24: Ability to Require Donor IDs

    We’ve rolled out a new feature that allows you to make the contact Donor ID field required for your portal! This option enhances the process of contact matching between your CRM and ThankView beyond email address. To enable this requirement, reach out to and we’ll take over from there. Once activated, any new contacts added manually or via CSV upload will require a Donor ID field. Additionally, when editing existing contacts added before this requirement, you’ll need to include the Donor ID before saving the changes. 

    Excited to enable this requirement? (We sure hope so!) Here are some additional notes and recommendations to keep in mind:

    • While ThankView still uses Email as a contact’s unique identifier, we encourage adding a unique Donor ID for each contact as well. 
    • If you’re taking advantage of our EverTrue integration, requiring the Donor ID field strengthens data sharing between the two tools! We recommend adding a Donor ID that matches the contact’s corresponding Remote ID used in EverTrue. One ID to rule them all!
    • The Donor ID field accepts any combination of characters, including leading zeros, numbers, letters, and special characters. Note that CSV files may drop leading zeros (e.g., 0001234 could turn into 1234), so double-check fields for accuracy during uploads! 

    For more details on uploading and managing contacts, check out our article, Adding, Editing, Deleting Contacts.

    For any other questions, reach out to

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    ThankView Product Updates: March 2024

    3/27/24: Copy URL Only Option Available for 1:1 Video

    We've added the ability to copy the URL of your 1:1 videos without an attached thumbnail! This feature allows you to effortlessly share your video landing page link via a variety of communication methods, including: 

    • Text
    • LinkedIn
    • Attached to a QR code
    • Email (just without a visual component!)

    You'll find the option to Copy URL Only under the 1:1 Video recording box. 

    To learn more about recording and sending content using 1:1 Video, take a look at our Beginner's Guide!  

    For any other questions, reach out to

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    ThankView Product Updates: February 2024

    2/5/24 Screen Recording Available for 1:1 Video

    In addition to webcam and video upload, you're now able to record your screen in your 1:1 Video communication! Record a tab, window, or your entire screen; in tab view you also have the option to share audio or add voiceover. This new feature is great for:

    • Providing trainings or overviews
    • Submitting reviews to team members
    • And so much more!

    You can learn more in our article, Screen Recording with 1:1 Video.

    2/8/24 New Account Health Levels Added

    We've added 2 new levels for a portal: Poor (if spam rate is .25%) and Critical (If spam rate is .3%).

    Our process is such that if your account falls into Poor or Critical level, an email will be sent that includes the most recent 5 campaigns that contributed to this score. An email will also be sent to the admins of your portal, as well as your Success Manager on a monthly basis to keep tabs. 

    To learn more about Account Health and how to keep your spam rates low, check out our article on Understanding Account Health.

    2/13/24 Business Name Added to Portal Headers

    We've added your organization's name to header of your portal! This makes it easier to tell which instance you're in, especially if you're a user who moves across multiple portals.

    2/22/24 Creator Users Can Select NXT Action Types

    Users marked with Creator level permissions are now able to select NXT Action Types inside of a campaign.

    For any other questions, reach out to

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    Navigating the New Anti-Spam Standards for 2024

    We recently did a webinar about these new requirements, you can check out a recording of the session and download the slide deck.

    Effective February 2024, email providers are amping up their defenses again spam, malware, and phishing by enforcing a new set of requirements for senders. Google and Yahoo are the first players to implement these new guidelines, geared mainly at bulk senders that push campaigns to large lists of recipients (like you!). At EverTrue, we take security very seriously and are more than happy to help you through these updates.

    The requirements are as follows:

    1. Email Authentication: When your email knocks on an inbox to get in, the recipient's email provider acts as a gatekeeper, inspecting the message to see if you're authentic; you'll need to have certain verifying credentials attached to your domain to get through. Tap the shoulder of someone at IT and ask them to help you configure DKIM, SPF, and DMARC - don't worry, they'll know what that means!
    2. Easy Unsubscribe: Unsubscribing shouldn't be detective work, the link to opt out of communication needs to be front and center on all messages sent out to your email lists. For ThankViews, no action is needed on your part, we handle all of this for you! We recommend double-checking that other campaign platforms you may use are following this rule.
    3. Keep Spam Rates Low: It's imperative that you're only sending emails to people who want them. Out of courtesy, but also because you put yourself at risk of getting sent to their Spam folder; this damages your domain's reputation and future deliverability. But good news - if you already have good ThankView Account Health, you're well below the threshold and have nothing to worry about!

    Don't fret - our Support Team is here to make sure you're in compliance with these requirements and more than happy you get you set up.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Why are these changes happening?

    People are sick of spam! This is a way of tightening up whose messages get through to recipients, ensuring that they only receive the mail they want, and none of the mail they don't. Not only this, but it also make sure the messages of well-intentioned senders are protected in transit, and can't be intercepted or altered by bad actors.

    How will these new standards affect me?

    These changes impact anyone who sends email campaigns to recipients with emails ending in @gmail,  @googlemail,, As a user of any product in the EverTrue suite, you're going to be held to new standards in order for your communications to be delivered.

    What's the deadline for making these changes? What if I want to send ThankViews before we're authenticated?

    Google and Yahoo is putting these requirements into effect on February 1, 2024 and it's imperative that you get these updates made as soon as possible. After this date your domain reputation and deliverability will be negatively impacted if you continue to send mail without authentication.

    What if I don't comply with these changes?

    Plain and simple, your sends will be blocked from being delivered. If you don't have proper authentication, don't provide easy unsubscribing, and don't keep below the spam threshold, your domain’s reputation will be damaged, permanently impacting the deliverability of future messages.

    What are my first steps for email authentication?

    Come into ThankView Support Chat or email with your organization's name and the domain you plan to send your ThankViews from. We've written an article that lays out the steps of configuring DNS to get you set up for success.

    How do we know if we have DKIM, SPF, and DMARC set up? What if we already have DNS?

    Talk to your IT Team/Web Admin! They will be able to go into your domain provider and see if you have authentication requirements met. If you already have DNS set up with ThankView to send from a custom email address, you already have some of the necessary credentials - just have to make sure you tick all the boxes.

    How do I know if I have DNS set up?

    If you want to see if you have DNS configured, log into ThankView. Under Settings, access your My Portal page and scroll to Send Defaults.  If the Custom Email section is populated with your domain, you do have DNS configured. 

    Don't forget: You could have DNS set up and still be missing some pieces of the authentication puzzle. The best rule of thumb is to reach out to your IT/Web Admin and ask to what extent you meet all requirements.

    Is the "Sender Email Address" that we set up the same as using a custom domain?

    No, that means you're using another method called Sender Signature, which we will be deprecating in favor of DNS configuration (which is more secure). You will need to follow the steps to configure DNS: reach out to your IT Team, contact Support, and pass off the codes to IT for implementation.

    What if we don't have IT Staff? I'm good at following instructions, but my expertise is limited.

    It's totally possible to do this yourself, as long as you have access to your domain hosting platform (GoDaddy, Google Domains, etc.). Contact ThankView Support via chat or email and we'll be happy to partner with your to get authentication set up. 

    Are there any exceptions?


    What is the spam threshold being enforced by Google and Yahoo? What levels are considered low?

    These providers require that under 0.3% of your domain's communications go to spam. The good news is: if you're a ThankView user with solid Account Health, you're far below this line, as we enforce a spam rate of <0.1%.

    What if my emails are still going to my recipients' spam?

    This could be happening for a few different reasons. The #1 reason is usually that your email hasn’t been properly authenticated. It is critical to comply with the newest standards in this article.

    If someone has unsubscribed from our ThankViews, will our portal remember their address and block future communications?

    Yes! Even if you happen to upload them in another batch of contacts, their email will still be flagged as an unsubscriber and you will not be able to send to them. Your best bet is to periodically go to your Contacts, filter by unsubscribers, and delete any gray contacts.

    Someone unsubscribed from one of our non-ThankView lists, how can I make sure they're also unsubscribed from ThankView so we don't accidentally send to them?

    Good call! Reach out to our Support Team via chat or email with (1) the name of your organization and (2) the person's email; we'll unsubscribe them for you.

    More Resources

    Google: New Gmail protections for a safer, less spammy inbox

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    Active Campaign: A Guide to Yahoo & Google Authentication Changes 2024

    Active Campaign: SPF, DKIM, and DMARC Authentication

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    If you have additional questions, please reach out to your Customer Success Representative or

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